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Tech Data | AWS Office Hours: Coffee with AWS
Tech Data would like to invite you to a special series of Office Hours Webinars. These office hours give partners the opportunity to bring any and all AWS questions to the table.

Here to answer your AWS questions, we have:
Chris Lyth, Sr. Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
Jessie Giuffrida, Partner Development Manager, AWS
Brian Schoepfle, Partner Technical Enablement, AWS Public Sector

Discussion Format
We will be hosting this meeting on a new platform (https://www.leancoffeetable.com/) to drive more meaningful discussions. This platform allows attendees to enter all their topics or questions, vote topics up or down in the discussion queue, and comment all within specific time blocks to allow for speedy collaboration.

Here's how it works.
1. Join the platform. A link will be shared at the beginning of the meeting. Sign in and get set up. (If you join late and don’t see it in the chat box, just let us know and we will repost it)
2. Enter all your questions. We will take a few minutes to enter all the topics you are interested in hearing about. Be quick, but also be specific. It will help save time for more discussion!
3. Vote! Of all the topics entered, each attendee gets 3 votes to move topics to the top that are most relevant to them.
4. Discussion starts. Once the topics are prioritized, Chris and Jessie will start at the top and dedicated a couple minutes to each topic. If more explanation is needed, those that submitted the topic will have about a minute to expand on what exactly they want to know about.
a. Questions? Comments? The platform allows people to ask questions or add comments to each topic and saves them as we move through each item.
b. Call to Action? The platform also allows you to note any action items and who will take the lead.
5. Keep going or move on? The audience can also vote whether to keep talking through a specific topic
You can choose to attend one or more of the following webinars.

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